Heidelberg to Rochefort

As usual we went down to breakfast ready to head off at 8.00am. It was decided that some wanted to stay in Heidelberg for more sightseeing and others wanted to drive straight through so everyone was to make their own way, not as a convoy. We returned to the room and worked out where we could go.

We drove Vulcan upstream through the scenic Neckar valley and westward across the Rhine and up the valley through Luxembourg and onto Rochefort.IMG_7293 (1)

A lovely day stopping spontaneously..We visited a shop that was really the original Aladdin’s cave. The owner, Peter, was a glass blower which was intriguing and there were blown glass pieces for the garden as well as many other pieces including some  lamps.IMG_7311

We reached the 25,000km on the gps and here is the photo!

IMG_7335 (1)

Seeing a sign for Villaroy and Boch we followed it to Mettlach, finding we were in the town of the factory. Shopping therapy…always a good way to spend a little time. IMG_7350I came away from the shop with a few pieces and we then visited the museum of Villaroy and Boch. IMG_7363IMG_7358 (1)Amazing china.

Spying some “Samarkand” plates in a case on our way up to the museum, we had to return to the shop to see if they could be purchased. I found the three plates I wanted…a camel, an elephant and a horse…beautiful china and representative of the Silk road!

Leaving Mettlach we returned to the highway only to find along the way there had been an accident and we took the next exit and drove through the backroads. Passing  a red mgb parked outside a hotel, we turned around so we could take photos of Vulcan with her new friend. The owners of both the car and the hotel came out and some great photos were taken.IMG_7402 (1)

We arrived in Rochefort in time for a glass of wine and a lovely dinner.

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3 comments on “Heidelberg to Rochefort
  1. Raeyane says:



  2. Lucy Broad says:

    Sounds like a lovely day, and how extraordinary seeing another red MGB…but where is Lindy putting all the china???


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