Shonji, Kazakstan to Karakol, Kyrgyzstan


A full day driving…but what a day of scenery.  Spectacular mountains and green valleys. We visited a mini grand canyon and although there was not time to walk down into it, it was amazing.


IMG_0207IMG_0240IMG_0247IMG_0252IMG_0282Many herds of sheep with drovers on horseback, horses and cows by the roadside and innumerable friendly people waving at us as we passed by.


Lunch was at another amazing spot overlooking a gorge and river.

IMG_0312We crossed from Kazakstan to Kyrgyzstan this afternoon and it would have to be the easiest crossing to date. We then drove through more amazing countryside…gorgeous valleys and hills and then flatter farmland with the snow capped mountains in the distance. IMG_0337IMG_0358IMG_0371IMG_0375

A fabulous day and one of the best driving days yet.IMG_0327

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Horgas to Kazakstan


This was our last hotel in China and although the hotel was average, the roses out the front of the hotel were beautiful. The bushes in full bloom and in every color imaginable.

IMG_0025IMG_0013This was a short drive to the border and then formalities to cross out of China with the cars and into Kazakstan. IMG_0076We met our guides and had a lovely lunch of local food and then drove to the Hot springs resort. Very basic accommodation but delightful hot spring pools. Dinner and beers by the pool. The scenery in Kazastan so far has been spectacular…primise of things to come.


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Kuytun to Horgas


This was a day of scenery starting with desert and ending in magnificent mountains, lakes and snow capped peaks. I could have been mistaken that we were driving though Switzerland as it was so unexpectedly green.


At one stage we were passing mile markers and were nearing 4,000 km since Beijing. It took me several kms to work out how to take a picture but I succeeded!IMG_9622

A magnificent Sayrum lake was stopped at for a brief time. Ian paddled in the freezing cold water.


Our last night in China as we cross over into Kyrgyzstan tomorrow.

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Turpan to Kuytun


IMG_9511IMG_9518IMG_9517IMG_9512This was another hot day but morning tea was off the motorway near a lake. The highlight of our day was visiting the Changu Winery.IMG_9526IMG_9532IMG_9528


From a distance as we approaching, one would’ve thought we were visiting Disneyland with the Fantasyland castle. The winery was based on the French Chateaus. A tour of the winery gave us an insight into the operation. After a small tasting…one white and 1 red…we bought a bottle of red to share with dinner. (white wine is too hard to refrigerate so had to settle for red)


Many times we have been entertained by the signs in English.

Our second last night in China as we cross the border on Saturday.

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