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Calais to Abingdon

The last day of our trip…Calais to Abingdon. Rain greeted us as we loaded our cars in Calais and we drove the short distance to the train. The train was delayed by about an hour but eventually we were underway.

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Rochefort to Calais….Brugge!

Only one more day until we head across the tunnel to London. The end of the trip is in sight. All cars headed off individually…some to visit Dunkirk, others to explore other areas. Destination Calais for the night. We drove

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Heidelberg to Rochefort

As usual we went down to breakfast ready to head off at 8.00am. It was decided that some wanted to stay in Heidelberg for more sightseeing and others wanted to drive straight through so everyone was to make their own

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Vienna to Heidelberg

This was a long driving day. With over 700kms to drive we only stopped at motorway ratz platz for refuelling either the cars or us! We arrived in Heidelberg about 5pm and walked the old part of the town. Dinner

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