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Karakol to Bishkek

After a lovely night in a guesthouse in Karakol, we boarded an army truck to drive up to the Altyn Arashan Valley. The trucks had to “walk” over many rocky sections and it reminded us of our land cruiser travelling

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Shonji, Kazakstan to Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

  A full day driving‚Ķbut what a day of scenery. ¬†Spectacular mountains and green valleys. We visited a mini grand canyon and although there was not time to walk down into it, it was amazing. Many herds of sheep with

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Horgas to Kazakstan

  This was our last hotel in China and although the hotel was average, the roses out the front of the hotel were beautiful. The bushes in full bloom and in every color imaginable. This was a short drive to

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Kuytun to Horgas

This was a day of scenery starting with desert and ending in magnificent mountains, lakes and snow capped peaks. I could have been mistaken that we were driving though Switzerland as it was so unexpectedly green. At one stage we

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