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Yichang to Jingdezhen

A long day driving. Leaving Yichang at 7am we drove over 700 kms arriving at the hotel in Jingdezhen a little after 5. The first thing we noticed on the outskirts of the town were the blue and white ceramic

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Wushan to Yichang

Today was a drive this morning of over 200 kms and then visit the 3 Gorges dam.  As we drove into the area we had to receive special permits to take the cars into  the area. This took some time

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Today we were able to sleep in and instead of waking and being ready to leave at 8am we were able to leisurely go down to breakfast at 8.15. Was lovely! Wushan is on the Yangzi River so the obvious

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Chongqing to Wushan

Today was a driving day . The morning was wet and this made for less than desirable driving conditions. We drove along the motorway and had morning tea at a service area. Lunch was fantastic as we drove off the

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