Yichang to Jingdezhen

A long day driving. Leaving Yichang at 7am we drove over 700 kms arriving at the hotel in Jingdezhen a little after 5. The first thing we noticed on the outskirts of the town were the blue and white ceramic light posts! How beautiful and not surprising as this town is internationally known for its chinaware. The hotel lobby shop had magnificent pots, tea sets and other china wares. Temptation…temptation…temptation. No room in the car but there is always the postal service!!!!

During the day on the freeway, the most notable thing, other than all 8 of the cars were very well behaved, was that we were mainly on the Yangzi river flood plain and the landform was mostly flat, a vast contrast to what we have been seeing the last few days and really since Laos.

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