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Budapest to Vienna

A sleep in in Budapest meant we left the hotel about 11am and drove to Vienna via the motorway. We still arrived in time to spend the afternoon exploring the streets by foot. What a fascinating city. The buildings are

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Timisoara, Romania to Budapest, Hungary

A late afternoon walk around Timisoara revealed lovely old buildings situated around public squares. We found our way to the main street where there was a magnificent orthodox church. Dinner overlooking this church and the main square gave a lovely

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Craiova to Timisoara

Ian led today and it was decided to start at 8.30. Even the extra half hour was appreciated by these weary travellers! We drove to the edge of the Danube at a town called Orsava. A pretty town where we

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Plovdid, Bulgaria to Craiova, Romania

Today we exited Bulgaria and crossed over into Romania. An interesting crossing as the border was the river. There were many many trucks waiting to exit Bulgaria and after we exited we made a queue for the ferry. The ferry

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