Yuanyang to Luoping

The intention was to rise early and see the sunrise over the rice fields. However…it was drizzling and foggy and at 6.00am when we should have arisen we decided some extra sleep would be in order. The fog was thick and those that did get up saw very little.
After breakfast we headed in our cars down the mountain and this was in complete fog!

This was a driving day and eventually when we got low enough the fog cleared. There were stops for morning tea and lunch. The fields of crops were fascinating and trying to work out what was planted under the sheets of black plastic kept us busy. A few photos were taken but the challenge at present is to have good enough internet to download them onto the blog. I am sure it will happen but not tonight!

Out to dinner to have “hot pot” a traditional food of the area. Wonderful soup base to which is added vegetables and  beef and then more vegetables!  A wonderful aroma and taste was superb. Top it off with a glass of wine, a rare treat in this area and our evening was complete.

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One comment on “Yuanyang to Luoping
  1. BJ says:

    We love hot pot. We actually had a brass hot pot at one time….


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