Jinsha to Chongqing


This was a day that we planned to arrive at our destination middle of the day. However the heavy rain and a few delays saw us arriving closer to 2pm.
What a wonderful city. With a population close to 30 million it is amongst the largest cities in China.
On reading the lonely planet guide we decided it may be possible to see a western doctor in this town. Ian had a bite on his leg several days ago and this appeared to be now an insect under the skin. We decided so early in the trip we shouldn’t let it take its course. A phone call to the clinic failed. Adding the town’s extra phone digits helped and I was able to communicate that we would visit later in the afternoon.
After checking in to the hotel, Ian and I went walking. What lovely people we met. One Chinese lady, Rachelle, saw us bewildered and asked us if she could help. She had studied in Newcastle and went out of her way to show us, actually walk with us, to where we were going. This wasn’t just around the corner but several blocks away. How lovely she was.

Another occasion, someone kindly  wrote the address of the clinic for us in chinese to show the taxi driver and even walked a block and hailed a cab for us!

Life was looking good. The people in Chongqin were very friendly and we were made to feel very much at ease. We taxied to the Global medical clinic where they suggested we call the insurance company…yes on their phone and consequently received permission to see a doctor.

Dr Denis from Bolivia looked at Ian’s leg and prescribed a drug to fix it. He had obviously seen this before. Again was a great experience!

As the afternoon had disappeared on us, we regrouped to decide what we would do. We decided to catch the cable car across the Yangzi River. A ride across in the daylight, a walk on the shoreline and a ride back with the city lights was fabulous. Dinner near the hotel and a stroll to see the local sights.

What a day!

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One comment on “Jinsha to Chongqing
  1. Chris says:

    Finally Tim sent me the link to your blog. So enjoying your daily adventures. WOW! What a fabulous trip. Chris Fox


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