Zhangye to Jiayuguan

Driving this morning on motorways made us realise how wonderful our drive through the mountain pass was yesterday. It was the Jiayuguan fort and the Overhanging Great wall which was our destination. The scenery was harder to photograph on the motorway but Ian had some success while I was driving.


Again we passed some interesting trucks and a fast train….

We arrived at the fort ¬†and with 2 hours (including lunch) thought that would be enough before moving on. However when we got inside there was a great deal to see…stairs to climb, wall to walk around, displays showing life in the day (built in 1372) all of which was lovely. We even managed to visit the museum showing the history of the Great Wall before getting back to the car.

The Overhanging Great Wall was in a reconstructed state and was not as interesting as the part of the Great Wall we had walked near Beijing. However we climbed to the top of it and enjoyed the scenery. Especially interesting was the Silk Road monuments.

IMG_8880 (1)

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