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On our way to Dunhuang we went off the motorway for a while and came upon a mosque together with a Chinese pagoda with muslim symbols on the roof. The two cultures blending together! The landscape changed and the arid

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Zhangye to Jiayuguan

Driving this morning on motorways made us realise how wonderful our drive through the mountain pass was yesterday. It was the Jiayuguan fort and the Overhanging Great wall which was our destination. The scenery was harder to photograph on the

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Photos of Xining to Zhangye

Modes of transportation! Animals on the road! Vulcan posing! The magnificent scenery on the way. It was a magnificent day.

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Xining to Zhangye

Today was a wonderful day. Leaving early we had about 40 kms on the motorway and then continued our driving on a 2 lane highway. These roads are probably better than most 2 lane roads in Australia or the USA

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Wine and more architecture

Wine and More Wine – OleBilbao OLD and NEW Monday dawned sunny and warm and we headed down to the Guggenheim Museum, even though it is closed we wanted to relish the slick titanium skin, contrasted against the smooth pale limestone blocks. Everything glistened in the bright morning sun, reflections of the curved surfaces bounced off the water surrounding the metal walls and the metallic sculptures in the forecourts around the Guggenheim. Did you know that every surface in the building is curved and there are no straight lines thus emphasising the organic flowing lines of this magnificent Frank Gehry masterpiece Tomorrow we’ll visit this amazing museum along with our Silk Road companions Pat and David who we are travelling with around Spain and Portugal in our trusty MGs. Hop on and off buses have always been a favourite and quick way of acquainting ourselves with a city. We cruised around the narrow streets enjoying the views from the top deck. We were diverted by police a few times into the back streets because of a rally of thousands of people marching along the main thoroughfare of the city. Red, white and Green flags and banners waving, fire crackers exploding, releasing clouds of smoke. How We hopped off a The Mercado de la Ribera one of the largest fresh food markets in Europe and we arrived just in time for some Pintxos which we enjoyed with a beer and Sangria. So many delicious sweet and savoury munchies to choose from – what a treat!

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