Sivas to Cappodoccia


We left Sivas at 10:30 after a walk around the town to see the sights first thing in the morning. It was a fabulous time when were fresh for the day as we have so often walked late after a long drive.As lead for the day Ian chose a scenic backroad  for the first hour. This was lovely as it took us through farmland and rolling hills.

We stopped at a picturesque lake for lunch. This had been chosen as a pretty place using Google Maps/earth. On arrival we found it was a picnic ground in a beautiful setting and there were many local families there enjoying the Ramadan holiday.

Arrived in our Cave hotel in Cappodoccia at 4:15pm and were able to explore the town and have dinner watching the world go by. We have a second day in Cappodoccia it is an early start tomorrow for our balloon ride.


MG Cappodoccia Lake


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