Pammerkale to Selcuk

The destination for this morning was Aphrodisias, an ancient site from 5,800 BC. Most of what we saw on the site was the Roman ruins which dated similar age to Heirapolis or Sagalassos. It was an incredible 2 hours of wandering around. The wonderful thing is that the finds from the excavations are on site in the museum and having just looked a the different ruins one can picture where these statues etc belonged.

IMG_6217IMG_6230IMG_6241 (1)IMG_6281IMG_6320IMG_6312 (1)IMG_6301IMG_6333
From stadiums to amphitheatres and council rooms…the site was never ending. They are currently excavating an agora with a large pools and fountains. it will be truly spectacular when completed.IMG_6295

A very hot day that reached at least 40. Vulcan is doing well but without air conditioning other than windows we kept making sure we drank lots of water!

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