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14 Days to Go….

With two weeks left to get ready, the big question is what gets packed and what gets left behind because it will not fit. I am sure there will be many things added and removed as the countdown for the

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Vulcan Arrives in Bangkok

Our MG “Vulcan” was stacked with 3 others into a container. The 2 containers with all 8 MGs in our Silk Rd group arrived in Bangkok over the weekend. The Silk Rd is getting closer

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Why “Vulcan”

Most cars in our group are using the car colour as the starting point of their radio call-sign We have found people have a different view whether our car is “red” or “orange” … Ian thinks it is “red” !

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Ian and Lindy are preparing to depart for the Silk Road

Ian and Lindy have a fire coloured 1972 MGB Roadstar to be known by its radio callsign “Vulcan”. We are planning to drive 25000km over 115 days and with much fun, challenge and enjoyment tour SE Asia, China and the

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