Racing new MG’s


We went MG racing Wednesday (Day 4) courtesy of MG Thailand. It was amazing what they laid on for a bunch of Australian “MG Enthusiasts”. Ian was delighted to be the overall winner in the circuit time trial !

The MG brand has been bought by the large Chinese conglomerate SAIC. Since 2011 they have introduced “New” MG cars manufactured mostly in China with some in the UK and Thailand. Regrettably no sports cars like MGs of old. The Thai MG Company heard we were coming town and invited us to test out the new MGs on their small test circuit.

After a welcome, a short introduction and a demo drive with the instructors we were in to it. We were soon screaming our way round their circuit with squealing tyres taking racing lines through the curves. It was a hoot 😊

The track itself started with long drag strip like straight, braking hard at the end you entered into a sweeping left turn tight on the left of curve. The line here was to accelerate coming out just staying inside the right track edge before accelerating hard across to the left of a short straight away. Next brake hard again into a tight right hand turn which quickly turned left into an even tighter left hand bend where the tight line just grazing the rippled edge surface of the track at the corner. Then another right with 2 apexes and changing curvature followed by an almost U turn onto the end of track section and out onto the drag straight.  Next, just do it again. There were some other braking and emergency lane change set-ups for some extra fun.

To finish the day we did a one lap time trial. Several of the Melbourne MG team have/are serious motorsport participants so Ian was both surprised and pretty happy to take out the winner’s prize by a second. It must be all the balance and tight mark rounding skills from sailing ?

MG Thailand even took us out for a nice lunch

Back at the hotel we got back into our final car preparation and a nice Thai Seafood Dinner overlooking the water.

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2 comments on “Racing new MG’s
  1. Suzy says:

    Sounds fantastic. I’m certainly enjoying the blog.


  2. Stuart and Julie Wilson says:

    You certainly look like you’re having a hoot – and you haven’t even started your journey!


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