Onward to the Mekong


Another morning with the dawn sun on temples. Today we drove “Vulcan” out to the Banyon Temple in the greater Angkor complex and took some pictures of the MG in front of the Temple. A beautiful start to the day 

After a quick breakfast at the hotel all 8 MGs headed East out of Siem Reap. It was slow getting out of town but the road was flat, well made and wide enough to accommodate both cars and the whole fleet of other vehicles …. Motor cycles, bikes, tuk-tuks, the strange farm vehicles with forward mounted diesel engine and handle bars, and even an ox drawn cart.  

After heading on this road for 3 hours we headed East off this “highway” to Phnom Phen onto a local road direct to the Mekong bridge crossing. The road was now narrow but traffic was lighter. We crossed the Mekong, which even at the end of the dry season is a 1000m wide river with a slow moving muddy colour.  

Heading North on the East side of the Mekong the road was both narrow and very busy so slow progress until we were able to turn off on the direct road to Krong Kracheh (Kratie) This was very much a local road …. Bumpy bitumen, occasional dirt detours, one lane bailey bridges.  

Arriving in Kratie at 5pm after 9 hours on the road we parked our cars we hope securely and headed down to the Mekong River “port” in tuk-tuks. Soon we were crossing the river to our “resort” on a mid-river island. Being the dry season it was a long walk across boards over the sand to the river’s edge. Not a problem …. A fleet of motor cycles was there to ferry us across to the river bank and on to our resort. Soon we were at the villas which were very nice traditional wooden buildings complete with opening shutters for flow through windows, bed net and ceiling fans. The pool was a welcome place for a relaxing dip at sunset. 

Vulcan has developed a reluctance to keep running at idle speeds so we are already having to “manage” our “first” car issue and we are only at Day 10.


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