Beijing and “The Forbidden City”

We left the hotel and our first visit today was Tiananmen Square. We walked from there to the entrance to the Forbidden City. Once upon a time commoners were executed if they entered but for 60 Yuan each (about $10) we were allowed in!


Words and photos don’t do the City justice.

We explored the city ourselves spending 5 1/2 hours inside and there were areas we didn’t visit. We visited the ceramics exhibit which was amazing viewing everything from Tang dynasty horses to the most beautiful ceramic vases.

Guardian lions were at the entrance to many buildings and other exhibits were the Nine dragon screen, the clock exhibition, calligraphy as well as the different halls and palaces. In addition there was the Imperial garden.IMG_7119

What an amazing “city”. One can look in awe!

As it was 3.30 when we left there, we caught the subway to the Temple of Heaven Park. This is a large park with many temples. Although it was too late to enter the temples we were still able to wander through the park and enjoy the grass and trees in the middle of Beijing.

Another Duck restaurant tonight. a more local restaurant completed our Peking duck sampling. Liqun Roast duck was recommended by Lonely Planet guide, so last night I organised the hotel to make a booking for us. With Loris and Ian we arrived at 8.00pm and found that what had been reserved was our duck..not our table. (or at least that is what appears to be the important thing.) It was 8.45 before we were seated . With beers in hand, the wait was well worth it. The decor is nothing but the duck again was carved close to the table and flavour was amazing.


I think Beijing will be remembered for the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and of course its Peking duck. Will see what the Summer Palace has to offer when we spend the morning there  tomorrow before heading out of Beijing for the next stop!

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