Xian and Big Goose Pagoda

Wandering Xian last night we walked the Muslim Quarter. Many thousands of people had the same idea and what sights there were.


The food stalls were making everything from toffee to barbeque lamb. We chose a Muslim restaurant and tried several local dishes including fried dumplings and lamb skewers.



Today we spent the morning at the Big Goose Pagoda.

IMG_7814IMG_7817IMG_7822 IMG_7851Is the style of the Tang Dynasty pagoda and is square not round. It was built to house the Buddhist sutras brought back from India by the monk Xuan Zang. It is said to be the site of the first translation of Buddhist scriptures into Chinese and allowed Buddhist scriptures to spread through China.

In addition to that we had a relaxing afternoon, some shopping, photographing the local area and organising Vulcan for more driving tomorrow.


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