Masshad to Gorgan

IMG_3548IMG_3595Ian led the group for the day. I went in the guide car . Ian found a wonderful old astrological tower for morning tea.

We also visited a house that was typical of the area although we couldn’t enter because of renovation. Interesting tile work.

The countryside was still fairly arid but you could see the oases. As it was Ramadan and we couldn’t eat in public we drove away from the towns to a small village where we found an area for a picnic lunch.

From lunch onwards the day took a turn for the worse as Ginger driven by David had an accident (head on with a local vehicle and was written off) while doing a demonstration run for a local visitor while we were having lunch. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

While David and another MG stayed at the site to sort out the accident, the remaining 6 MG cars drove onto Gorgan. This was a long day as we arrived as the sun was setting.

Ginger was towed to Gorgan while David and Pat could work out what to do.

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